You can Purchase Burwalde Juice Co. fresh pressed apple cider in Winnipeg from:  Crampton's Market, St. Leon Gardens, Petrasko's, and Tall Grass Prairie.

In Winkler it is available at Fruit and More Store, Kings Eatery, and Prairie Foods in Plum Coulee.  Seasonally you can buy a hot cider from Whitecap and Coffee Culture.

Markets.  Burwalde Juice Co. will be at the following Farmers markets: St Norbert Indoor Market Dec. 16, Fresh Farm Food Hub Market Dec 9, and Love Local Jan 16.

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Look for Burwalde Juice Co. bottles in store in either 500ml, 1 liter or 2 liter.



Burwalde Juice Co. also offers a Kerr cider.  This is made with kerr apples the dark red skin of the apple makes the juice a bright red in color and is only available while supplies last.


Cider makes a great  seasonal drink.  If you would like to carry Burwalde Juice Co. apple cider at your store please feel free to contact us.